The 100 Other Films to Watch Before You Die

It's taken a while to get through this list, to be honest the most difficult bit was narrowing it down to just 100.  At the time of listing each price is accurate so if you've having trouble finding the prices then unfortunately "you snooze, you lose" is the internet buyers moto.  All films in this list have something in common, whether they're horror, exploitation, comedy, drama or sci-fi they are all worth viewing.  Each film has something brilliant about it, something that sets it apart from the hundreds of similar films and if you watch even 10% of the list then you'll have approximately 20 hours of seriously good times.

The 100

#001. What Have They Done To Your Daughters?

Italian stalker feature from the Massimo Dallamano and the era of low budget/low brow rip them up for funs. Is pimped as a "sort of" sequel to Solange but it's so much more than that. Available on Amazon for £4.99...bargain

#002. Dolemite
Rudy Ray Moore's brilliant Blaxploitation low level revenge caper is simply brilliant. Fresh out of Prison Dolemite goes about reclaiming his street corners with the help of his old lady and some karate call girls. £4.91 -

#003. Society
Don't let the fact that Baywatch's Billy Warlock as this horror/comedy is a brilliant analogy of the class system in 1980's America...and it's £5.93 on Amazon!

#004. KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park
It's all the great things about a Scooby Doo mystery but with KISS! Awesome soundtrack, classic 70's. A little pricey on Amazon but worth hunting around for.

#005. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
This is not an easy film to watch but Hideshi Hino graphic torture horror is responsible for a lot of cinematic offspring since it's release in 1985. The "Guinea Pig" films are not cheap but this one convinced Charlie Sheen that the acts committed on screen were for real. From $104 on Amazon

#006. Hinokio
In a world of such harsh Asian cinema titles a sweet film like Hinokio is really refreshing. A tale of loss, love, robots and how hard it is being the new it? Good! £7.50 from

#007. Troll 2
 It's no surprise that Troll 2 is on this list as it's one of the worst films ever made...but in the best possible way...and now the documentary Best Worst Movie shows you the other side of life in Nilbog. £3.99 on Amazon for both Troll movies.

#008. The Thing with Two Heads
 It's The Defiant Ones with extreme surgery. When a dying white supremist has his head grafted to the body of a black inmate what you have is a Prison Break to rival anything Michael Scofield could come up with. £3.96 

#009. Werewolves on Wheels
There's nothing about this title that is bad, they're a biker gang who are also werewolves. Iconic and criminally forgotten and for £6.52 on it's not to be howled at.

#010. Kung Fu Punch of Death
Chai Yang-Min's underground classic has everything. Two masters of the art of Kung Fu who can kill a man with one punch. To make matters even better has it for £0.98.

#011. Blood and Black Lace
Mario Bava's slick killer thriller turns a fashion house into a "house of terror and blood". Atmospheric, chilling and brilliant! have it for £5.44...magnifico! 

#012. They Call Her One Eye
Also known as Thriller it stars Christina Lindberg as One Eye, the muted survivor of a childhood sexual assault out for revenge by any means bloody. £8.42 from CD Quest.

#013. A Colt is My Passport
Downbeat hitman Kamimura is hired to eliminate a yakuza boss who's greed has gotten out of hand. This is Japanese cinema at it's best. Forget the recent horror movement Noruma's gangster flick is yours as part of the Nikkatsu noir boxset for $55.96 on Criterion Collection.

#014. Santos Vs. The She Wolves
It's part of a long tradition  of Mexican wrestler/superhero films and is more enjoyable and watchable than The Man in the Silver Mask, which kickstarted the movement. £5.85 on

#015. Versus
The basic premise is Samurai's taking on Zombies in a mystical forest. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable horror/martial arts films with enough of a narrative to keep neutrals entertained. From $1.67 on Amazon. 

#016. Gator Bait
A Hixploitation marvel! Claudia Jennings as Desiree, swamp dweller and family provider with the tagline Half Animal...All Woman you know what you're in store for. £4.75 from

#017. Chopping Mall
The premise is beautifully ridiculous, eight teens in a shopping mall being pursued by the robot security guards who have never heard of the 1st law of robotics. £5.45 on 

#018. Whip It!
This cool little American flick has everything you could need plus women in stockings kicking the life out of one another. Welcome to the Doll Factory! Juliette Lewis is frightening, £5.00 from Amazon. 

#019. Cannibal Holocaust
Cinematic rescue missions rarely go well and this one is no exception. Ruggero Deodato's film was once the most controversial movie ever made and is still pretty hard going! £6.80 on Ebay.

#020. Razorback
Crazed razorback pig terrorises the Australian outback racking up the body count along the way. Excellent! Think Jaws meets Neighbours. £3.85 from 

#021. Re-Animator
Not just an adaptation of a H.P. Lovecraft story but also a damn good film in it's own right. Jeffrey Combs is excellent. £3.99 on! 

#022. Save The Green Planet
Never mind any of the modern wave of asian cinema this film is three or four different genres in one and it masters all of them amazingly. £6.19 from

#023. Satan's Baby Doll
Billed as The Exorcist meets Emmanuelle this Italian Horror has everything you would expect to find in 1970's Giallo films. Yours on Amazon for £4.99!

#024. The Beast Must Die
Peter Cushing in the "interactive" movie where the audience plays along.  Good clean fun for all the family but not exactly one with multiple views...obviously! £4.74 on Amazon.

#025. Cotton Comes To Harlem
Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed are two cops with tough reputations.  Watch as they turn Harlem upside down to bust a crooked Reverend. £5.66

#026. I Stand Alone
Not surprisingly Gasper Noe's I Stand Alone is not for the faint hearted.  This tough french thriller is something of an endangered species in gallic cinema. £8.84

#027. This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse
Coffin Joe at his absolute finest.  The Freddy Kreuger of Latin America is on great form in this film.  Don't miss Embodiment of Evil to see the old man in new action.  $5.50 from Amazon.

#028. Mutant
A Zombie film with a difference as two city slickers stumbled across a small town in the midst of an outbreak.  Wonderfully shot and entertaining performed by all.  A steal on Ebay for £2.60!

#029. Invasion of the Alien Bikini
Oh Young-Doo's brand spanking new sci-fi/romcom does exactly what it says on the tin.  Parallels have been made to Save the Green Planet but with only viewing the trailer this film's a must.  Not yet available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

#030. The Mountain of the Cannibal God
Ursula Andress & Stacy Keach star in this voyage into New Guinea looking for a missing expedition.  Cue all things we think we know about New Guinea.  Bit pricey, £9.93 from Giallo distributor Shameless could have it soon though.

#031. Counterforce
George Kennedy, Isaac Hayes and Robert Forster in an action movie about a president in exile, the dictator who want him dead and the American special forces unit assigned to prevent it. £3.12 on Ebay.

#032. Bad Biology
It's difficult to pick just one Frank Henenlotter film to go into the chart so this probably won't be the last.  Don't call this mans ouvre horror, he is total exploitation cinema. £2.99 on Amazon.

#033. Killer Elephants
Rogue elephants running wild!  The Thai classic is not available on DVD yet but it's on it's way soon so keep an eye out for it.  What other film features a man getting hit with an elephant slong round the head?  What's not to like according to my missus?!

#034. The Great Silence
This western should have redefined the genre, instead the Klaus Kinski is a gem of a celebrated by die hard fans of westerns and Sergio Corbucci alike. £7.25 on Ebay.

#035. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
A group of friends mistakenly dig up a corpse in order to perform a satanic ritual to make the dead walk the Earth...stupid kids. £7.94 from Amazon.

#036. Flight of the Navigator
David's story of time travel and the desperate struggle to get back to his family.  A must see in the 80's and a must see now. Paul Reubens plays a blinder as Max, £6.70 from

#037. Basket Case
The second Frank Henenlotter title to appear in the list, amazing.  When siamese twins set out for revenge on the doctor who parted then you know you're in for a good time. £4.23 on

#038. Abby - The Black Exorcist
This blaxploitation take on the William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist might not be "critically acclaimed" as the William Friedkin version but it sure is funky and good old fashion fun!  Available as import only.

#039. Blood Car
In the future with fossil fuels are at an all time high one man develops a way for his vehicle to get around town without killing his wallet. $19.99 on Amazon.

#040. Starship Troopers
It's from king of the triple jug Paul Verhoeven it's Saving Private Ryan directed by Ed Wood, not even the fact that Denise Richards is in it can spoil the fun. £5 from!

#041. Gate Of Hell
It's Samurais with unrequited love and all types of sword play.  You'll go wrong to miss this one, truly brilliant and difficult to get. $44 for VHS from Amazon.

#042. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
It's giant beast on giant beast action as they team up to protect Japan against the biggest Godzilla ever!  Shusuke Kaneko's Zilla-thrilla is excellent.  Buy, watch, love!  $5.71 from Amazon!

#043. Little Monsters
As a child anyone under the age of 30 probably loved this movie.  It's a buddy flick but it's also a Cold War tale for kids with their "under the bed" fears and works great as both.  £10.99 on!

#044. Death of a Snowman
This 1978 South African Exploitation flick is finally available on DVD.  Fans of grindhouse cinema will love this gem starring Nigel Davenport. $17.99 on Amazon.

#045. Norwegian Ninja
The Dead Snow gang are back with the "true" story of a Norwegian hero during the second World War.  Action and laughs a plenty, don't watch with a historian. £8.45 from

#046. Werewolf in a Woman's Prison
Winner of the 2007 B-Movie Film Festival's 'B-Movie of the Year' award WIAWP delivers on every level to strives for and more.  Made in 2006 somehow it just looks and feels so much older and features an awesome Werewolf! Very difficult to get.

#047. Cyborg - The Director's Cut
The Van Damme supernova Cyborg has been re-released with the director's original vision.  See the film he intended before the Studio kicked him out of his own party, much darker, much better.  Available soon.

#048. Machete Maidens Unleased!
An amazing documentary into the Filipino exploitation scene of the 70's and 80's that, far and away, produced some of the most creative and distasteful genre pieces around.  Due for a DVD release somewhere!...soon.

#049. Tremors
Kevin Bacon and the ever brilliant Fred Ward take on giant sonic tracking worms with a taste for human flesh...animal flesh...most flesh. An absolute bargain from Amazon for £3.79.

#050. The Violent Professionals
When his police chief is murdered by the mob Lieutenant Giorgia decides he's going after them and puts into motion and one man wrecking plan to bring down the cosa nastra. £5.49 from CD Wow.

#051. The Switchblade Sisters
It's got Robbie Lee acting through her teeth and the daughter of the late great Lenny Bruce (Kitty). Topless knife fights and excellent direction from Jack Hill. £5.92 from Amazon.

#052. Tetsuo - The Iron Man
A man with the obsession of sticking scrap metal into his body...must be Japanese right?  Right!  Shinya Tsukamoto's Sci-Fi/Horror is off the charts brilliant and £7.75 from Play.

#053. Hitler Meets Christ
Michael Moriarty's story of two men, who both think they're a historical figure, and their verbal battle over morality.  Very interesting, an easy watch.  $16.06 from Amazon.

#054. Island of Death
Claims to be possibly the world's worst holiday destination.  Clearly never made it to the Grand View in Las Vegas.  Either way it's a cracking watch and £9.99 from Amazon.

#055. Torso
It's Sergio Martino again in an Italian horror to die for if you're a college Co-Ed if not then you can simply sit back and enjoy the slaughter.  £4.99 from Amazon.

#056. Supervixens
It's Russ Meyers and ladies with great...talents about a man forced to go on the run after his wife is killed by a crooked cop.  Who will help him?  You know who...£5.75 on Ebay.

#057. The Thin Blue Line
Errol Morris' brilliant documentary about police corruption was enough to get a Texas inmate off death row and a retrial.  The style has sculpted the works of Oliver Stone and Michael Moore. £5.85 from

#058. The Taint
It's the retarded love child of John Waters and David Lynch.  Tainted water turns men into mindless well endowed misogynist zombies.  There simply isn't a better DVD worth buying out there at the moment.  $10 from

#059. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama
Sorority babes worship a nasty lil critter who grants wishes in David DeCoteau's comedy horror.  £4.49 from Amazon.

#060. The Cynic, The Rat and The Fist
This "urban western" tribute to Leone's work is Umberto Lenzi at his finest.  Starring John Saxon and Maurizio Merli is one for crime drama fanatics and lovers of cool cinema alike.  £14.00 from

#061. Hated
Todd Phillips' brilliant documentary about G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies.  This will open your eyes to the last days of true extreme hard living musicians before the days of reality TV bands. £5.49 from Amazon.

#062. Castaway
Nicolas Roeg's excellent adaptation of a true story starring Amanda Donohoe and Oliver Reed in the performance of his career.  Visually beautiful, amazingly powerful.  £8.95 from

#063. The Monday Night War
This little documentary about the ratings war between WWE (WWF for old school fans) and WCW is like a news report of the Columbo wars for wrestling fans.  Fascinating and hilarious!  £5.43 from

#064. Sheba, Baby
"Hotter'n Coffy, Meaner'n Foxy Brown" is how it was sold and they were probably right.  Gumshoe returns home to help their dad with the mob.  £2.62 from eCRATER!

#065. Black Caesar & #066. Hell Up in Harlem
After much debate over which of the Fred Williamson films to list it became obviously they both had to go in.  First rising through the ranks to become mob boss then going all out to get his wife back from them.  No great mob movie is right without an equally great sequel.  Caesar - £4.47 from Amazon, Hell Up - £5.66 from

#067. Bitch Slap
Three bad ass ladies go on a road journey to rip off a mob boss to the tune of $200M.  Rick Jacobson's homage to exploitation cinema is closer to the real deal that he might have intended.  £7.99

#068. The Stone Killer
Tough Cop (Charles Bronson) uncovers the mobs plan to use Vietnam vets to wage war on their enemies. £7.98 on and crackin'!

#069. Freeze Me
Takeshi Ishii's tense thriller about a woman out who's been gang raped and videotaped.  When her attackers return to blackmail he she discovers just how strong she has become.  £10.88 from

#070. District 13
This film has some of the most amazing physical performances you're likely to see and none have been manipulated by computer graphics.  Parklour stars Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle with leave you exhausted watching them.  £3.99 from

#071. Samurai Reincarnation
Sonny Chiba at his best, though when is he not?!  Coupled with that it's directed by Kinji Fukasaku and there's little else needed to sell this.  If you like kicks and punches then £7.25 from will sort you out.

#072. Murderball
Excellent documentary about the rough and stumble world of wheelchair rugby.  These guys are as tough as they come and available for £5.09 from

#073. Slaughter
Green Beret (Jim Brown) goes postal on the mob after they have killed his loved ones.  You would not want to get in the way of this beret.  They call him Slaughter for a reason.  £9.35 from Amazon.

#074. Multiple Maniacs
Lady Divine's "Cavalcade of Perversions" gang roaming the country and kidnapping folk.  This is John Waters at his absolute blindly disgusting  best and is a must for Lobstora alone.  Not available on DVD at present (tragedy) but available to download through all good pay for play sites.

#075. The Call of Cthulhu
The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's first outing into film production is a short but brilliant venture.  Shot in the style of the time it's a marvel of how good fandom can be.  £7.26 from

#076. Party Monster
The true story of professional clubber Michael Alig on the story he bragged about on tv, the murder of best friend and drug dealer.  Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato's 58 minute documentary and then bio-adaptation starring Macauley Culkin are a must.  £6.85 for the film on with an additional £9.93 from if you want to see the shockumentary that inspired it.

#077. Disco Godfather
Retired cop turns DJ and soon the "Disco Godfather" until a family member overdoses on some bad junk, then it's time to get back to dispensing justice.  Rudy Ray Moore at his untouchable best again! £5.44 from

#078. Christmas on Mars
Wayne and the band (The Flaming Lips) spent seven years on bringing this Sci-Fi film.  The result is a visual exploit that's as innovative and wonderful as their albums.  £4.85 from

#079. Thief
It's Michael Mann, the early raw days and James Caan when he was young(ish) and a real presence in film.  This film carries all the codes that make his later works masterful. $12.99 from Amazon.

#080. The Passenger
Michelangelo Antonioni's drama about a frustrated war correspondent starring an uncharacteristic Jack Nicholson is a breathtaking piece of cinema and only £3.97 from Amazon!

#081. The Liquidator
It's the cheaper and lesser known answer to James Bond but it's also a good ol' fun watch.  £5.99 from

#082. The Cowboy Way
Scoff if you want but this is a classic buddy movie and fish out of water movie combined.  Woody Harrelson & Kiefer Sutherland are excellent, Ernie Hudson is wonderful as always and it's great fun.  £2.99 on Amazon...bargain!

#083. The House That Dripped Blood
It's Christopher Lee, it's Peter Cushing in this simply brilliant horror anthology from 1971.  If you see a better anthology horror you're a lucky cat and for £1.99 on Ebay you're even luckier.

#084. Long Pigs
This "documentary" directed by Nathan Hynes and Chris Power is a fascinating look at cannibals and their diets.  Good fun, tastes like chicken, $13.35 from Amazon.

#085. Field of Dreams
It's a sports movie, it's a road movie and a supernatural mystery which, like The Birds, doesn't even attempt to explain the how's and the why's which might explain why it's remained remake free and still excellent.  Especially James Earl Jones. Genuine bargain at £1.99 from

#086. Monster Dog
Alice Cooper as well Alice Cooper, a town under threat of multiple murders and a big dog that'd make Cujo look like the Andrex puppy.  £6.85 from

#087. Frankenhooker
Another Frank Henenlotter film in the list sees a former med school student deal with the death of his fiance by deciding to bring her back.  Excellent and yours for £12.99 on eBay.

#088. The Sword of Doom
Kihachi Okamoto's brilliant film about a sociopathic samurai ranks up there alongside the works of Kurosawa and Makino.  £8.91 from

#089. American Movie
It's beyond great how inspiring the tale of white trash wannabe film maker Mark Borchardt and how he spends every penny he can get his hands on in order to finish his horror film.  $16.99 from Amazon.

#090. Mondo Trasho
John Waters & Divine at their early best with this flick from '69.  A day in the life of a hit and run driver and the odd sexual desires that come over those collided with afterwards.  One copy on Amazon is selling for $70.  Worth a watch if you can find it.

#091. Brigham City
Don't be put off by the fact that this is a Mormon movie straight outta "Mollywood".  This is a excellent murder mystery and if you can take a little might of religion stuck on for good measure it's one to enjoy...and Wilfred Brimley's in it (what else do you need)?  $3.35 from Amazon.

#092. Pervert!
Jonathan Yudis' comedy horror is a murder mystery trapped in the top heavy body of a Russ Meyers film.  Fans of Mr. Meyers will love it as it's a beautiful rendition of a film he so easily could have made. £6.97 from Amazon!

#093. Monster Brawl
It's WWE meets Celebrity Death Match meets Halloween as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man et al go head to head in the ring for the title...oh and the ring is inside a cursed graveyard.  Brilliant, not yet available on DVD but watch out when it is.

#094. Phantasm
Don Coscarelli's horror classic from '79 is probably one of the most surreal horror films you'll ever see come out of America and brings with it the excellent and creepy Tall Man.  £7.20 from Amazon.

#095. Silip : Daughters of Eve
This is probably one of the most hard hitting exploitation films you're likely to see.  Some of the DVDs floating around have suspect picture quality as most (if not all) are transfers from VHS.  £5.99 from Ebay.

#096. The Machine That Kills Bad People
Roberto Rossellini's comedy about a demonic camera that gives its own the power to...well, kill bad people.  Underappreciated? Yes.  Brilliant...hell yeah. Currently unavailable on DVD but with his works being restored watch this place.

#097. For Your Height Only
Back to the Filipino Grindhouse movement with two foot 9 inches of Weng Weng as Agent 00 as he goes head to shin with his nemesis Mr. Giant in this better than most Bonds spy flick...and he still gets the girls! £12 from Amazon.

#098. The People Vs. George Lucas
Three words why this CGI courtroom drama is a hit...Jar Jar Binks.  Fans and haters alike will love this look at the man, the movies and the need to continuously twiddle with them.  Not yet on DVD but is playing as part of Season 1 of Movies @ The Mill.

#099. Harry and the Hendersons
A quickly dismissed film but it's cast includes John Lithgow, M. Emmet Walsh and Kevin Peter Hall (The Predator) as Harry.  A brilliant watch as a kid, better as an adult and £3.49 from Amazon leaving you plenty of pocket money left.

#100. The Human Centipede [First Sequence]
Tom Six's first installment of his Centipede Trilogy is at heart an old fashioned horror that showcases the love of horror films and stars the uber excellent Dieter Laser in the central role.  To watch this film is to watch everything that's great about horror.  £6.92 from

Apologies if I've missed out anything you think is obvious, chances are if this was to get accidentally deleted and I had to do it again I'd come up with a completely different 100...more or less.


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