Red Dawn's Revolving Door Of Baddies

Every once and a while the 'Yes Men' culture of Hollywood does something that is either hysterical or costly.  Take the studio executive pitching the idea that the boat doesn't sink at the end of Titanic to leave it open for sequels, pointing out the idiocy of this statement is something that could leave your 401K stunted and the maid wondering why Mr. Steve is around the house more these days.

On other occasions it can be expensive when those nodding heads double check before speaking their mind.  Take the 2011 remake of Red Dawn for example.  This is a movie that a lot of people are looking forward to, most likely because the original was better on paper that it was in execution.  Yes yes I know "Wolverines!" and all that but the 80's invasion flick suffered from a limited budget that made the whole scenario seem more like a lovers tiff rather than a war.  Updating a film like Red Dawn comes with some inherent problems.  Russia is no longer at odds with the United States, granted in recent years there's been something of a resurgence with deep cover spies and the like but nothing in comparison to the height of the cold war and even at that the Russian Federation is nowhere near as powerful as the old Soviet Union.  So what do you do with an invasion film that doesn't have an invader?  It didn't take a long of time to answer the question of who's the biggest "threat" to the United States?  Quick answer solves all the problems and the film, starring Chris Hemsworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is re-written with China as evil protagonist.  China is considered by many to be a threat to the U.S, and in a way it is but, an economic threat due to it's growth.  In actuality China has lent the U.S Government billions of dollars and wouldn't be likely to initiate a war on its Super Power rival.  The only issue with this realisation is that nobody spoke up about the one crucial flaw in the film until after principle photography had wrapped.

Class of 2011
Now the studio is in the process of removing all references to China at great cost, and more likely annoyance to director/editor/ADR technician and replacing the red of China with that of North Korea.  Kim Jong Il's anti-American stance fits in perfectly with the ideology of the film but the concept is not without serious problems.  North Korea have waged war on America over the past ten years but it's a war on their economy; flooding the country with counterfeit currency in an effort to weaken confidence in the U.S dollar and disrupt the economic strength of the U.S.A.  This is a tactic that the Secret Service have stated to be working for the N.K regime as on several occasions even the Treasury's experts have been unable to tell the difference.  The reason they have not actually waged war against their western enemy is two fold.  

Stop worrying and love the war
1. They do not have the military infrastructure to consider this to be a serious option and 
2. Even if they did, the fear of being wiped off the face of the planet is probably a strong deterrent. 

Whether there's going to be any twists or turns in the proceedings is anyone's guess.  Ideas of military backing from ex-Soviet Generals made obsolete by the end of the Cold War or Islamic involvement is not beyond the realm of possibility. One thing is for certain, if Red Dawn 2011 is to be anything more than a badly thought out rehash of a poorly executed 1980's teen action flick there's going to be a lot of time, money and planning pumped into it.  Almost as much as you might require to invade a country.


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