5x5 Grindhouse Style

Isaac Hayes

Anyone familiar with Isaac Hayes will probably, if honest, remember him for two things.  The Shaft theme and playing Chef in South Park.  That's perfectly fine but the man was kicking ass and taking names in exploitation cinema for years.  If you want to know more about the silky smooth voiced bad ass here's five 5 star outings to watch.

1. Truck Turner
He's a retired American Football star, think O.J Simpson or Rosey Greer, turned bounty hunter and now he's the one dodging the bullets.

2. Counterforce / Escuadron
One quarter of an elite special ops unit assigned to protect a democratically elected Middle Eastern leader against a tyrant.  Yet more guns!

3. Three Tough Guys / Tough Guys
Teaming up with a kick ass Italian priest to solve a bank robbery and bring the baddies to justice, co-starring Fred Williamson as Joe Snake.  There's guns.

4. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Lending the blaxploitation parody some credibility as Hammer as our black heroes go up against the man, Mr. Big with jive talk and guns.

5. Deadly Exposure
While investigating his fathers death Max Pierce (Robby Benson) stumbles on an assassination plot.  Mr. Hayes is supporting case role of this conspiracy thriller...of course there's guns.

Now you've got your homework go get schooled!

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