5x5 Grindhouse Style

Richard Conte

Richard Conte was a face you'd recognise more than a name, having starred in The Godfather and Ocean's 11, there's little doubt you know him...sort of.  Here's five 5 star outings to let you get to know Dicky a little bit more.

1. Naked Exorcism
Conte as the exorcist in this low budget Italian horror with a touch more eroticism than you'd expect from split pea soup.

2. The Violent Professionals
It made it on to the 100 Other Films list and it's worth a mention again.  Sergio Martino's vigilante cop vs. mafia movie is great.

3. Lady in Cement
Starring alongside good friend Frank Sinata as Tony Rome this detective flick has everything, strong story, excellent cast and a great director.

4. Big Guns
When hitmen want to retire from their jobs with the mob things can get complicated.  This retirement is no exception.

5. New York Confidential
Working for the mob, in love with the Don's daughter.  This will not end well and nor should it.  No guts no glory and all that.

Schooled!  Hopefully some, if not all these titles are to your liking and if not...forgeddaboutit!

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