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Pam Grier

Pam Grier is the face and body of the blaxploitation movement.  Whether it's Coffy, Foxy Brown or even Jackie Brown  she has all the spirit and tenacity that encapsulates the era and the cinema.  Here's five 5 star films starring Pam that will surely leave you wanting more.

1. Women in Cages
Think Midnight Express but bustier, this film has all the action that exploitation cinema has to offer and is one of the earilest outings for Pam.

2. Black Mama, White Mama
Two female prisoners, chained together and on the run.  Whether it's Grier or Margaret Markov this film packs a hard fisted punch.

3. The Package
Taking up a supporting role in this action thriller about a military prisoner on the run starring Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones.  One definitely worth watching.

4. The Big Bird Cage
One of the best partnerships in cinema, Grier and director Jack Hill team up to tell the story of two mercenaries who engineer a prison break from the outside with Hill's usual amount of flesh on display. 

5. Bucktown
Grier and Fred Williamson in a crime thriller about the undesirables who can suck a man and his business dry...if the man will let them.  Fortunately for the drama he won't!

If the closest you've come to the work of Pam Grier before is Mars Attacks then you will not only find these titles absolutely enjoyable but you'll fall in love with the spirit of the cinema's era.

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