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Frank Wolff

You'll probably know Frank Wolff either from Leone's Once Upon A Time in the West or from the works of Roger Corman was a big big name in the Giallo circuit and prolific at that.  Here's five 5 star films to widen your knowledge of the original Mr. Wolff!

1. Blood River
Playing alongside Terence Hill and the excellent Bud Spencer in this blood soaked Spaghetti Western about a train heist.

2. Anyone Can Play
A supporting role in this Ursula Andress vehicle allows Frank to showcase a softer side of his character, even if it's not for the full duration of the movie.

3. The Lickerish Quartet
Anthology drama with a naughty side, amateur blue movies, doppelgänger and fantasties all around with Silvana Venturelli. 

4. The Great Silence
It featured in the list of 100 Other Films to watch before you Die and it's here again, rightfully so.  Wolff as the Sheriff alongside Klaus Kinski in the tale of a mute cowboy in the blizzard of 1899.

5.  Sequestro di persona / "Kidnapping"
Franco Nero and Charlotte Rampling as the native and tourist in Sicily who are kidnapped.  The jewel in Gianfranco Mingozzi's contribution to cinema.

This under appreciated and, largely, man of the supporting actor clothe has an entire back catalogue of titles were he delivers far beyond what's on the page.  Watch and love!

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