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Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier

American Sports fans will know Roosevelt or Rosey Grier as an American football player, what they might not know is he was also a singer, actor in the Blaxploitation movement and a Christian minister.  What's even more impressive than all of this is the fact that Rosey disarmed Robert Kennedy's assassin seconds after he fired the shots in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.  Here is Rosey's five 5 star films worth watching.

1. The Thing with Two Heads
Already listed in the 100 other films to watch before you die this is The Defiant Ones meets The Human Centipede as the head of a dying white supremist is grafted to Rosey's black inmate body and the two are forced to work together as they break out of prison.

2. Skyjacked
From the David Harper novel, a Vietnam vet hijacks a 707 and demands to be taken to Russia.  Rosey in a supporting role alongside James Brolin and Charlton Heston.

3. Black Brigade
Hillbilly Captain Carter is given a special mission to take an important bridge during World War 2 and is given an all black squadron to do so.  Richard Prior and Moses Gunn co-star.

4. Timber Tramps
It's lumberjacks, hatchets and lots of drinking and fist fights.  Is there anything else you could ask for?

5. The Glove
It's got a bounty hunter tracking down an armoured man to get the glove he dispenses his punishment with and co-stars everyone's favourite dad John Saxon.

Hopefully this has wet the appetite for some of you to jump into the work of the smooth giant from Georgia.  The man is an absolute legend and should appear more often in people's DVD collections.

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