Fund A Film - We Can All Be Robert Evans!

Ever wonder whether you could get the money together to make a movie?  I mean if Dreamworks can splash out $80 Million dollars to make Real Steel, which is essentially Hugh Jackman as Mickey (Rocky) training Transformers to kick seven shades of castrol oil out of each other then surely someone somewhere will give you money to make yours right?  Ever made it?  Thanks to the dawn of the social networking era with websites like Twitter, Facebook and in years past Myspace you no longer have to finance your vision using the "deck of cards" model that was so prevalent in the 1980's and 1990's.

Support the war effort
More and more people are finding ways to get their films funded and the world of the social network means you can actually gather an audience before the film is even completed.  Iron Sky is probably the most high profile example of how audience power and actual demand is starting to change the market.  Having recently completed production the Nazi Sci-Fi epic needs one last financial push from Sci-Fi fans and Naziploitation lovers alike to get it out of the editing suite and into the multiplexes...and if not multiplexes then at least selected arthouse institutions and DVD (the biggest market out there).  Likewise the anthology horror Paris, I Kill You is turning to Film Interactor to get the job done, knowing all too well that there's a market out there.  If they can just get their film made people will watch.  The directors for both titles can be found on Twitter as can that of Hunters, a film that's little more than a trailer at the moment but a trailer that's worth looking at and investing in which will lead to an energetic and thrilling ride through the horror genre.

Similarly there are film makers trading on their completed projects in order to finance the next in line.  Scorpio Films are selling special edition copies of their excellent low budget films The Disco Exorcist and Alien Brain Invasion in order to get together the money to take the excitingly titled Exhume.  At $25.00 a DVD not only is it a good deal for the film audience but it allows them to give something back to a part of the film world that actually needs your money as opposed to the likes of George Lucas or Jerry Bruckheimer who simply want your money...Why else re-re-re-re-release the Star Wars Saga if it's not to ring every last penny out of that piggy bank?  Then you have the dream scenario.  It's great to be able to make your film and get it viewed, in 2009 we were lucky enough to screen the trailer for Belfast based horror film Deadville to a sold out audience on Halloween night and since then the guys have been doing the rounds with it and very well too...but imagine having someone else release you labour of love for you.  That's the situations that auteur sisters and self confessed twisted twins Jen and Sylvia Soska have found themselves in.  Having been obsessed with cinema from an early age the sisters have carved out their own piece of the cinematic world in Vancouver and with Bounty Films (distributor for The Human Centipede - Full Sequence) buying the rights to distribute their feature Dead Hooker in a Trunk means their piece of the cinematic world has gotten a little bigger as does the budget for the next project.

Fucking Awesome! - Eli Roth
If you're still asking whether there's anyone out there who will make your film you should consider stop asking and get out there and do it but if you're lazy or simply prefer to talk about it then talk talk talk but while you're talking consider giving some money to the people who are out their making films for the want to make films.  Their love for the art deserves to be encouraged and supported and if you do make the film what next??  Come back to me, if your films made with love I have the audience for you.

Good luck.


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