Jacko is Backo - The return of Michael Jackson

The moonwalking dead
Depending on whether you grew out of the 80's fuelled love for the King of Pop Michael Jackson will ultimately affect how you feel about the following film.  On MJ fan forums the language is almost as shocking as some of the charges that were levied against him when he was alive.  The general consensus is "vile" "disgusting" and "sick" but not only do I find the film interesting I'm actually counting the days until I can watch it for myself.  Some people have called for it to be banned, I deplore that reactionary nonsense and the censorship that is born out of it as it's something that's holding back the art of cinema.  I'm sure the Bollywood Gandhi/Hitler buddy movie will be in poor taste but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be watched.  How many people in authority have criticised either A Serbian Film or The Human Centipede - First Sequence without actually watching them?

The film in question is the German made English language horror The Return of the Moonwalker.  What seems to be upsetting most people isn't the gay dwarf sex or the Hitler escaped from hell.  The outrage has stemmed from a slightly grotesque walking dead Michael Jackson back from the grave and hanging out with transvestites and circus freaks.

Killer or Thriller?
From the trailer it's evident that what audiences will be treated to is somewhere between a George Romero film mixed with Terry Gilliam with a dash of John Waters.  The Return of the Moonwalker will no doubt garnish a lot of fan boys who will love to hate it without having even watched it and will probably play to a limited release. If you find it's playing in your city it's probably provocative enough to be worth a watch...even if it is BAD.

One to watch in 2011!


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