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Christina Lindberg

It's probably not surprising if you don't know anything about Christina and even if you do you might just pretend you don't but this Swedish star help model a genre and even more impressive a generation of young lads who loved her.  Here are five 5 star flicks that should take you back to a time of cinematic experimentation and exploitation.

1. Thriller - A Cruel Picture / They Called Her One Eye
Christina as "One Eye" the mute survivor of sexual abuse who is a killer, a trained killer and out for revenge.  This will was listed on the 100 Other Films to Watch before you Die and is well well worth the watch.

2. Every Afternoon
Also known as Swedish Hellcats and is the Diana Dors vehicle about sadism and sex and all the things that go bump in a brothel.

3. Around the World with Fanny Hill
An early supporting role alongside Shirley Corrigan as Fanny Hill who takes herself off around the world seducing actors to make a name for herself hotly pursued by her hubby.

4. What are you Doing After the Orgy?
Struggling barber and returning with set up a "private" enterprise in their house with daughter Anna Bella (Christina) as the main draw.

5. Maid in Sweden
Small town girl rushes off to the big city and goes about a voyage of self discovery.

Like the stars of Russ Meyers or Tinto Brass films Christina has, largely, a specific audience base.  Unlike those however she's under appreciated, especially in Thriller.  Enjoy and remember they're only movies, don't enjoy too much...you can go blind.

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