5x5 Grindhouse Style

Fred Williamson

Another blaxploitation star, another former American football star.  Film fans these days will remember him for films like Starsky and Hutch and From Dusk Til Dawn but before he was drinking whisky with Sex Machine in the Titty Twister he was the embodiment of masculinity in one of the most exciting and enjoyable cinematic movements.  Here's Fred's five 5 star films.

1. Black Caesar
Rising from the mean streets of Harlem to the Don of the Black Mafia, it co-stars Gloria Hendry and Art Lund.

2. Hell Up in Harlem
The excellent excellent sequel to Black Caesar sees Williamson as Gibbs taking on the streets to get his wife back.

3. That Man Bolt
When you've got a package you need transported from Hong Kong to Mexico City and the entire world's most dangerous people want it...you call Lincoln Bolt!  Excellent.

4. The Big Score
Williamson as a tough cop who'll stop at nothing to get his man.  Co-starring a 5x5 regular John Saxon.

5. The Black Cobra
He's a cop that works alone protecting an innocent lady against a gang of merciless bikers.  Also has a couple of hugely entertaining sequels.

It's tought to narrow down Williamson's work down to five films so if these take your fancy there's 43 years worth out there to dip into.

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