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Franco Nero

The kids today will probably recognise Nero from Die Hard 2 but the truth is he was positively wasted in the Bruce Willis sky hostages flick.  Not many actors can boast that they were discovered by legendary director John Huston but that's exactly what 69 year old Franco can claim.  Here's his five 5 star films so you can discover him too.

1. The Mercenary
Selling death to the highest bidder Nero is the mercenary in question in Sergio Corbucci's brilliant western.

2. The Virgin and the Gypsy
It's D.H. Lawrence, you almost don't have to say anything else.  Nero is excellent (as always) as the sexually charged Gypsy. Co-stars Honor Blackman.

3. How to Kill a Judge
Giacomo Solaris (Nero) makes a movie about a Judge getting killed by the mob.  The courts seize the film before a Judge ends up death leaving Solaris to untangle the web of mystery.

4. Drop-out
It's Nero, Vanessa Redgrave and Tinto Brass behind the camera in this gorgeous romantic comedy with more of an edge than anything you'd see from the Meg Ryan catalogue.

5. La Polizia incrimina la legge assolve
Enzo Casteralli's crime drama and Nero goes up against a massive crime syndicate.  He's supported by the truly amazing and much missed James Whitmore.

You'll probably find yourself captivated by the screen presence that is Franco.  Some quick research will showcase some more obvious titles than can also be exploded.

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