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D'Urville Martin

Dying at the age of 45 caused by his work hard play hard lifestyle D'Urville's fans are familiar with the spirit of the man that shines through in his films but for those who are unfamiliar with the fun loving actor turned director here's five 5 star films to true yourself.

1. Death Journey (Actor)
In the supporting role of Detective Don, Death Journey sees the transportation of a key witness from Los Angeles to New York and all the shit that can hit the fan when travelling 3000 miles.

2. Disco 9000 (Director)
Also popping up as a stuntman on the film it's got all the spirit, feel and soul of the greatest time in music and remember "When he's in the groove the mob better move!"

3. Combat Cops (Actor)
Two hard working cops tracking down the fierce Zebra Killer, it sees D'Urville as 'The Pimp' in a supporting role.

4. The Black Bounty Killer (Actor)
Co-starring this time as two bounty hunters come into a small Sheriffless town in a classic western story.

5. Dolemite (Actor/Director)
It's an obivous choice but it would be criminal to overlook this film.  Starring Rudy Ray Moore with D'Urville as his nemesis Willy Greene it's in the 100 other films to watch before you die and has sculpted a generation of black cinema.

It's sad that such a talent like D'Urville Martin passed when he had such a promising career ahead of him but he has left behind a small legacy of great work and has helped in guiding those who follow in the ways of blaxploitation.  If you didn't know the man then perhaps you'll never forget him now.

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