5x5 Grindhouse Style

Robbie Lee

If you're old enough and experienced enough you might know Robbie's parents, actors Georgia and Ralph but few people unfortunately remember the relaxed punk style of acting that Robbie brought to the screens, big and small.  Here's five 5 star performances from the Queen of teeth grinding.

1. The Switchblade Sisters
The leader of the Dagger Debs until new girl Maggie rolls into town and upsets the apple cart.  The film's presence in the 100 Other Films to Watch Before You Die and screening during Season 1 of the Movie Bar is testament to how awesome this and Robbie is.

2. Big Bad Mama
Mother and daughter armed robbery combos, Robbie co-stars alongside Angie Dickinson and William Shatner in Steve Carver's excitement heist com.

3. Hot Neon
Lining up in another supporting role alongside recent star of stars Linda Lovelace in this camp comedy.  Also called Linda Lovelace for President...whatta title huh?

4. My Therapist
A sex therapist who just happens to be a hottie helps her clients live up to their *ahem* potential.  Co-starring alongside Marilyn Chambers.

5. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
I know, this is a kids cartoon but most 1980's kids cartoons are better quality and more reliable than LSD trips.  Robbie plays no less than 6 different characters.

If you've ever see a film in which one five minute performance has stole the entire show for you then you know the star quality that lives in these individuals.  Robbie Lee has that quality in abundance.  Enjoy.

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Dawniepants said...

You know how I love The Switchblade Sisters

*teeth clamped together* 'Don't make me cut you!'

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