Movie Barred

I had hoped to have been able to announce the third season of the Movie Bar today, as work has been under way and on going for quite some time now to bring together the best that the cinematic worlds of the Independent, Ignored, Forgotten and Subterranean had the offer. Unfortunately things are taking considerably longer and the programming has been not without it's set backs. 

After the success of the Mega Movie Bar as part of the Belfast Film Festival we had hoped to present a special MMB on the one year anniversary of the opening of the Movie Bar with a double bill that would take us back to our beginnings and allow us to celebrate a title long associated with us and usher in the Northern Irish premiere of its Full Sequenced sequel however this is unfortunately off the cards.  It has been announced that the decisions and discussions on the UK distribution are to be put on hold until there's been a decision on whether the film is to have a US release in advance of the rest of the cinematic audiences.  To that end the anniversary double bill of Centipede action has, regrettably been cancelled.

Returning to the drawing board now, hopefully when the next Movie Bar announcement is to be made it will come with a full listing of all the wonderful cinematic offerings that are in store for Season 3.


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