What’s really scary about The Human Centipede – Full Sequence

I made no secret or excuses for my love of The Human Centipede – First Sequence, it was a wonderfully constructed echo of an era of horror that has been long since forgotten by film makers who rely more on the swinging pendulum of silence followed by deafening sound to get a cheap scare.  Everything about it felt like a very traditional horror yet it was taking audiences down an avenue that no film maker had even considered until Tom Six elected for the surgical option.  Dieter Laser was exceptionally brilliant and was surely how Lurch (The Addams Family) would have ended up if he was sexually abused as a child before sent to Johns Hopkins to get his MD.

Spoiler Alert!

That’s the problem though.  Dieter Laser was so magnificent that the hole he has left, having been shot between the eyes by one of the bumbling detectives, is the biggest narrative problem that Six will need to fill.  In the quasi supernatural horror realm of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hell Raiser and Friday the 13th the villain of the piece can die at the end of every film yet return to reap an all new nightmare on more unsuspecting victims and it’s either dealt with as “ooooh spooky mystic stuff” or not dealt with at all.  For all the suspensions of disbelief you will require for The Human Centipede – Full Sequence [trailer here] it’s a step too far to think that Laser has re-animated or has an equally as evil twin brother out there who likes mischief and ass to mouth action.

Excitement and anxiety are mixed in awaiting the release of the second film as the biggest thing that’s scaring me at the moment is the thought that it might be absolute guff.  Tom Six has finished post production on the film, which is due for cinematic release some time in August and is already talking Part 3.  He has remained, no pun intended, extremely tight lipped on the how’s, why’s and some of the where’s.  In my 2010 interview with Six he was happy to mention that the second installment would take place in London and would comprise of a twelve person centipede.  Who’s at the head, middle or back end is anyone’s guess but what most fans of the first film want to know is who’s waving the scalpel.

To the best of our knowledge Ashley C. Williams is still alive, we last saw her screaming in the abandoned crime scene of the rural home (owned by Dr. Heiter) as both the head and tail of the centipede had died.  It could be the case that her living to tell the story results in a devoted fan deciding to take Heiter’s work to the logical next stage and perfecting his procedure, perhaps even incorporating the poor Ashley into the new centipede.  Some rumours have even had her psychological damage from the incident being the catalyst for her involvement in the creation of the new centipede however that’s more likely than not little more than fan fiction as it’s almost unimaginable that she would be able to recruit someone with the necessary skill set to put off the operation let alone a giant leap to change her character.

However they resolve this issue will decide whether the second Centipede film manages to live up to the critical and audience reaction that First Sequence enjoyed and will most likely have an affect on whether a third installment gets off the ground.  There is one horror tradition that Six will be looking to avoid though.  He’s already used the age old tale of unsuspecting victims broken down on a deserted road and unwittingly walking into their own nightmare but what he’ll hopefully be able to side step is the long standing tradition of horror sequels being absolutely terrible.  Having spoken to the man himself prior to the Season 1 Movie Bar screening of The Human Centipede – First Sequence I was overwhelmed by just how funny he is and how his love of film and fearless disregard for conservative backlash and I hope that The Human Centipede – Full Sequence delivers everything he has promised and leaves a scar on London that makes Jack The Ripper look a childrens entertainer.

Here's a list of 10 of the worst horror sequels we've been subjected to.
1. Jaws - The Revenge
2. The Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows
3. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3
4. The Birds 2 - Land's End
5. Halloween 2
6. Friday the 13th 5
7. American Psycho 2
8. Psycho 2
9. Leprechaun 2
10. The Lost Boys 2

Since publishing this blog The Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence] has been released, click [here] for the review.


oystergirl said...

A 3 person centipede wasn't enough to satisfy me. I hope this dozen person centipede delivers more gore.

Knifed in Venice said...

Me too, even the thought of seeing it on screen is making my mouth water. (Something is wrong with me and I can't fix it)

Larry Taylor said...

I just... this is one I cannot do.

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