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Umberto Lenzi

This excellent Italian director was almost lost to another profession as he studied law.  Though even when he was studying he was either a member of a film club or a founder of them.  Thankfully for the world of cinema he passed on the bar for the directors chair and the rest is glorious cinematic history.  He's five 5 star offerings from the man from Massa.

1. Manhunt in the City
Starring Henry Silva.  Framed as a drug kingpin is bad enough but when his wife is murdered enough is enough and the revenge against the Cosa Nostra begins.

2. Cannibal Ferox
An abused tribe of cannibals are out for revenge and after the two emerald thieves who wronged them.  Three friends are caught up in the horror of fear and flesh.

3. Eaten Alive!
It's cannibals again only this time it's the pairing of Robert Kerman and Janet Agren on the look out for her missing sister in New Guinea.

4. Spasmo
It's an acid trip of a film noir with the finger prints of the Italian all over it.  Suzy Kendall is excellent.

5. Knife of Ice
Mute Martha (played by Carroll Baker) witnessed the death of her parents at 13.  Now living with her aunt and uncle she's next in line for a serial killer with a eye for young ladies.

Umberto's back catalogue is long, varied and usually filled with splatter so if you like the five titles here then you'll probably be a fan of the rest of his work.

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Doctor_Cyclops said...

Eaten Alive is the only one of Lenzi's I have seen. I should hang my horror head in shame and finally unwrap that copy of Cannibal Ferox!

Knifed in Venice said...

Do it! Ferox is amazing...he's an absolute blood and guts legend

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