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Ian McCulloch

Most Sci-Fi fans will hold a special place in their hearts for McCulloch as star of the classic British Sci-Fi Survivors.  Others will know him for theatre but Ian McCulloch's five 5 star films have little in common with the Old Vic...unless to discovers a taste for human flesh.

1. Zombi 2
Reported West, played by McCulloch, accompanies a lady friend in search for her missing father during an outbreak of the undead on a small island.  This is a truly truly fantastic horror film that tells the 'small story' and tells it amazingly well.

2. It!
Supporting role as a Detective in this film starring Roddy McDowall as he attempts to solve the problem of a cursed statue that will kill all humans who try to destroy it.

3. The Ghoul
Co-starring alongside Peter Cushing as former priest with a deep dark menacing secret locked away in the attic.  It plays wonderfully as a horror or a thriller.

4. Zombie Holocaust
Arranging an expedition to the island of Moluccas in search of a tribe that worships a cannibal god.  It's probably not the greatest idea of Dr. Peter Chandler's life...let's hope it's not his last.  Excellent film, great horror set pieces.

5. Contamination
Ex-astronaut McCulloch helps the feds hunt for acid filled alien pods that have made their way to the good ol' planet Earth and a Latin American plantation.

The Christopher Lee / Peter Cushing Jekyll & Hyde horror I, Monster should have made it on to the list but Ian McCulloch's small small performance coupled with the fact that he's uncredited means there's no room for it in his 5x5 but is well worth a watch if you're a fan of either the classic horror giants.  Hopefully having dipped your toe into the work of Ian McCulloch you'll find a place for him in your viewing habits as his extensive television career, like many cannibal god worshipping tributes, is out there simply waiting to be discovered.

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