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Darren McGavin

A recognised and lovable face from stage and screen including Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzenegger and my personal favourite role of Carl Kolchak in Kolchak The Nightstalker.  If you get a moment to consider him you'll never regret it, here's Darren's five 5 star films.

1. The Night Stalker
The TV movie of the excellent series sees Darren McGavin in Las Vegas on holiday and running across a spate of murders, all the of victims young ladies...all drained of blood.  Convinced Dracula is alive and loose on the streets of Sin City the entrepĂ´t reporter smells a story.

2. Captain America
This low budget movie is a must see, McGavin in supporting role as General Fleming alongside other supporting cast heavyweight actors Ronny Cox and Ned Beatty with Matt Salinger as the Captain.

3. The Man With The Golden Arm
Otto Preminger's excellent drama starring Frank Sinatra sees McGavin in a wonderful turn as Louie.

4. Bullet For A Badman
This time he's the bad guy in this excellent western starring alongside Audie Murphy, his arch enemy and former law man and oh yes ex husband of his wife.  The water couldn't get any muddier.

5. African Gold
If you were to think Kelly's Heroes or Three Kings (for the kids out there) in the Desert you'd be pretty close to being there.  Darren stars as Mike Gregory on the search for hidden millions.

There's a career out there that spans 63 glorious years, he is a character actor that has been sorely missed.  If you don't dig deep enough to get a good look at the man over the years then at least watch Kolchak.  You will not regret it, especially if you were a fan of the "rent a monster" episodes of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files.

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Dawniepants said...

Give me a red heat, but part it.


Dr. Theda said...

Reggie Nalder of "Salems Lot" (Barlow) played an evil "Red Skull" in that version of Captain America.....
And the Night Stalker was one of my favorite shows from my childhood... ( New movie will star Johnny Depp as "Karl")
...the Doctor

John Baxter said...

I do like Depp but I'm going to remain hopeful they don't do it, Stuart Townsend has damaged Kolchak enough.

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