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Jesus Franco

As directors go Jesus is an extremely prolific and not just under his name.  He's been responsible for a lot of excellent work under a lot of different guises.  Whether it's Jesus Franco, Jess Franco, Clifford Brown or A.M. Frank he's a director with a very distinct style.  Here's Jesus' five 5 star films.

1. The Cannibals (as Jess Franco)
Having lost his family and an arm to a cannibal tribe Al Cliver returns a decade later to get his daughter back only to discover that she's not fully grown up and their Queen.

2. The Devil Hunter (as Clifford Brown)
Vietnam Vet travels out to an isolated island to rescue a young lady from her indigenous kidnappers and their evil God.

3. The Blood of Fu Manchu (as Jess Franco)
Starring Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu, ten women get inoculated with deathly poison in order to assassinate ten influential world leaders.

4. Lovers of Devil's Island (as Jesus Franco)
Andres Resino as the lawyer who travels to the prison in order to work on freeing a couple who've been wrongly convicted only to find they've escaped and has to catch up through the inmate who helped make it happen.

5. Jack The Ripper (as Jess Franco)
The classic English story of the worlds most famous serial killer through the eyes of this excellent Spanish horror director and starring the always amazing Klaus Kinski.

It's actually impossible to give a proper rough guide to Franco's career as he was so prolific it would take a lot more than five films.  If you like these then there's plenty of more out there for you to discover more and more of our friend Jesus.

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