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Eddie Romero

You probably know more of Eddie's films that you actually thought.  Though Filipino he didn't speak a word of it giving translators regular work during production.  Such is the impact of his work that eight years ago he was honoured with the title of the 'Nation Artist of the Philippines'.  Here's five 5 star film you'll love to watch again and again.

1. Black Mama, White Mama
Two female inmates chained together are extradited in order to keep the peace before escaping.  Pam Grier has never been better.

2. Brides of Blood
Co-directed with Gerardo de Leon in this sci-fi/horror about an island filled with radioactive animals and plants that eat the natives and all unlucky travellers they come across.

3. Sudden Death
Robert Conrad stars as Duke Smith in this take on the action genre with a pseudo Dirty Harry hard nosed cop.  Felton Perry and Don Stroud have never been better than when under Romero's helm.

4. Savage Sisters
A corrupt General plans on smuggling a million bucks out of the Banana Republic but when a tough cop and her boyfriend discover the plan they break out two inmates from a prison in the hope that they'll be able to lead the couple to the stash before the General pulls off his operation.

5. The Beast of the Yellow Night
When Joseph Langdon dies Satan offers him a chance to come back to Earth but there's some small print.  He must become the Devil's right hand and prey on the living.

If you enjoy these excellent offering then there are plenty more out there, more insane, more disturbing and packed with more of the imagination of Romero.  Check out The Twilight People also, you won't be disappointed.

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