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Jillian Kesner

Fans of a certain age will recognise Jillian from TV appearances on Mork & Mindy or T.J. Hooker but, understandably, might be completely oblivious to her under the radar film career.  Having graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in Business the blonde starlet moved to Los Angeles and the rest is cult history.  Here's five 5 star films starring Jill.

1. Kung Fu Cannibals
Kesner as holidaying LAPD Swat Cop who unwittingly travels to Warrior Island, the home of a group of monks who traffic women to exchange for jade and the restoration of their soulless warriors. Reviewed here.

2. Firecracker
Kesner as a martial arts expect who goes up against the mob and teaches them one hell'of'a lesson.  Don Gordon Bell also kicks ass!

3. Roots of Evil
A serial killer is on the prowl and targeting prostitutes and strippers.  Kesner and former model Delia Sheppard dominate the screen.

4. Evil Town
Very much the supporting role in this excellent evil genius/zombie flick which sees Dr. Schaeffer (Dean Jagger) attempting to create an army of the undead flesh eating variety.

5. Beverly Hill Vamp
A group of nerds head to L.A. to make movies and live the Hollywood lifestyle.  After a night out they decide to getting down for the night with a couple of prostitutes.  Unfortunately these working girls like to drink blood.  A supporting role with Britt Ekland in the lead.

Sadly Jillian's career only lasted twenty two years, passing away at 58 so there's not a great deal of a back cat to work through but what there is is excellent.

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