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Robert DoQui

If Robert's face is familiar it's because he's guest starred on just about everything over the past thirty years.  Party of Five, E.R, Star Trek : Deep Space Nine, NYPD Blue the list really does go on and on and on.  What you might not know him for is his work at the cutting edge of Blaxploitation and his truly amazing performances in these excellent films.  Here's Robert DoQui's five 5 star films.

1. The Devil's 8
FBI agent recruits eight hardened convicts to help take down a vicious gang in this Ocean's 11 meets Dirty Dozen crime thriller.

2. The Red, White and Black
There's almost not enough Blaxploitation westerns and this one is definitely one of the most enjoyable as DoQui takes the lead as Eli Brown.

3. Coffy
It seems almost redundant to mention his performance in this amazing Jack Hill crime thriller but to leave it out would be criminal.  DoQui is fantastic as King George and pathed the way for many replicants of his style.

4. Willie Dynamite
Uncredited as he worked without pay for his performance in this classic Blaxploitation starring Roscoe Orman.

5. Guyana : Crime of the Century
Robert in the supporting role of Oliver Ross in the story of a Guyanan priest who's followers (by and large) commit suicide on his request.

There are literally hundreds of shows which all feature Robert DoQui plus a strong film career.  The man was a genuinely wonderful yet underrated actor.  Fans of Robocop should keep their eyes peeled as he's in the three films before bowing out before the fourth...smart man.  He's also the inspiration behind Robert Downey Jr's performance in Tropic Thunder.

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Dr. Blacksteed said...

Willie Dynamite! Man, I love that movie! Hadn't thought about it forever - thanks for reminding me ...

John Baxter said...

Lol my pleasure. It's brilliant. In the perfect future films will be made like there were in the past.

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