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Erika Carlsson

Few people will really know the work of Erika Carlsson which is a genuine shame because if you overlook supporting roles in mainstream Hollywood her career is interesting, edgy and well worth a watch.  Here’s Erika’s five 5 star films.

1. Santos vs. The She-Wolves
Forget Del Toro, Twilight even Michael J. Fox.  This Mexican Superhero film is the most viciously violent yet at the same time wonderfully colourful and entertaining horror you’ll see and though Carlsson is a small player in the proceedings it’s one that has to be seen. [Top 100]
2. The Devil's Rain

It’s a supporting role again but this time alongside the brilliant Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt, William Shatner and a young John Travolta.  Satan and his followers ability to melt people using their “powers” the rest is the sort of cinematic gold that the now A-Listers involved would be happy you would forget.

3. Bordello

A western about a preacher with four virgin daughters who inherits…a bordello.  Not just any bordello though, one on top of a Silver mine and how the locals want to get their hands on the silver (and at least one of his four girls).

4. The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday
Down on his luck prospector (played by Lee Marvin) spots an old business partner who screwed him out of his half during their last venture together in this comedy western that keeps it as light as 4 For Texas.

5. Demonoid : Messenger of Death
In the supporting role again as a Nurse, but there’s plenty of call for a nurse in this horror as the workers of a Mexican mine are forced back down to work by their new employer…oh and the mine is haunted.

It’s a shame that Erika’s never really been acknowledged with the sort of leading role that would have showcased her ability but those who have encountered her work are never likely to forget her.

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Dr. Blacksteed said...

I have seen exactly none of these movies ... time to rectify that.

John Baxter said...

Can I come? I'd start with Santos or Bordello.

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