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Jose Chavez

So you've never heard of Jose Chavez, you're bound to have seen him in something as he's got an astonishing three hundred and thirteen titles credited to him on the Internet Movie Database.  Here's Jose's five 5 star titles.

1. Pancho Villa Returns
A classic western starring Leo Carrillo as Pancho Villa aka 'The Devil in a Sombrero! Feared by men...loved by women!'

2. The Beast of Hollow Mountain
It's truly brilliant!  An American cowboy in Mexico discovers his cattle is being eaten...by coyotes? No! Wolves? No!  Prehistoric dinosaurs?  Oh hell yeah!

3. Invisible Man in Mexico
It's the classic story of the invisible man only set in Mexico (obviously).  Chavez in the supporting role yet again as a prison nurse.

4. La Invasion de los Vampiros
A doctor and his assistant hunt the evil Count Frankenhausen in this mystery horror classic starring Rafael del Rio.

5. Santos and the Blue Demon Vs. Dracula and the Wolf Man
A supporting role in one of the man brilliant Mexican wrestler superhero movies.  The supporting role beckons again for Jose but the film is excellent.

Actors like Jose go largely overlooked but if you know the man's face chances are you'll happen across it in several westerns, horrors or action films from the 60's until the late 80's.

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James Gracey said...

I like the sound of these! Particularly The Beast of Hollow Mountain. You gotta love it when prehistoric dinosaurs go on the rampage. ;)

John Baxter said...

I know right?! Am currently trying to get a decent copy of it. If I am successful I'll let you know.

James Gracey said...

Do! And good luck obtaining one!

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