The Human Centipede Part 2 [Full Sequence] - Trailer

There's been a couple of teaser trailers recently for The Human Centipede [Full Sequence] but few that have actually given a clue to the narrative set up for the much anticipated horror sequel.  The first thing you'll notice is that it's a departure from the narrative realm of The Human Centipede [First Sequence].  First Sequence, though shocking to some, was very much a traditional horror film with it's set up treading the ground of stranded victim in an isolated location.  What Full Sequence does is break the rules of cinema.  The world of Full Sequence is the world we frequent, which was the world we thought we frequented during First Sequence but shown to be a falsity.  The cinematic realm in which Dr. Heiter exists for real (and Dieter Laser does not) and one in which we are indoctrinated into believing and is blown away by the revelation that in The Human Centipede [Full Sequence] the first film exists not as an event but as a film.  Tom Six has used the opportunity of a sequel to reinvent the genre in which his universe of surgical horror exists and in doing so alters the interpretation of the first film.  

Where the first film was a traditional horror film played for real it can now be interpreted through the knowledge that it is a film in the realm of the second film.  The Human Centipede [Full Sequence] moves realm from traditional horror film to a meta-theatrical world of self awareness making it closer to the Scream family than that of its predecessors' and in turn separating itself from it's own franchise.

This could be the reason why the majority of reviewers who have been fortunate enough to have watched The Human Centipede [Full Sequence] have taken serious issue with the film.  Most audiences want their horror sequels to be original within the pre-established realm.  Years have shown that people's opinion of Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch has changed drastically since it's cinematic release in 1982 perhaps time will do the same for Full Sequence.  For my part an open mind is being left beside my anticipation.

Review to follow.


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