More Movie Bar Bother

It seems that a week can't pass without having to update or alter the third season of the Movie Bar.  This week is no different but will be the last week of updates as I regret to have to announce that the Movie Bar Season 3 has been cancelled with the exception of VHS!

Programming the Movie Bar has been a real experience and one filled with enjoyment and challenges and it's sad that my last season of involvement with Movie Bar has been littered with so many problems.  Whether there'll be any further Movie Bar seasons is up to whoever takes over the role.  There's still so many films I wish I could have brought to the screen in Belfast and perhaps somewhere along the line an opportunity like the Movie Bar will come up again and will let me present the bodies of work that are rarely loved by audiences in multiplexes.

Until then, thanks to everyone who came along and showed their support for the Movie Bar and we'll see you at the Halloween Horrorthon VHS! for one last night of fun.


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