7 More Tortured Sleeps til the Horrorthon

It's one week until the doors open on the Halloween Horrorthon Part II with this years blood curdling extravaganza switching from the Satanic love letters of last years EVIL! presentation at the Movie Bar to a homage of an era long gone.

The time was the 80's the medium was VHS and the audience were today's adults.  These children of the 80's were too young to have legally viewed this years Horrorthon attractions but they watched them anyway and it's has shaped their fractured minds ever since.

There are a limited amount of tickets remaining for the Horrorthon and can be booked here so don't miss the cinematic swansong of the Movie Bar as we bring to you...

Basket Case directed by the effortnessly brilliant and criminally underrated Frank Hennenlotter, Phantasm which is a real coupe and special thanks to director Don Coscarelli for agreeing to the screening, Re-Animator where most young adults' love of Lovecraft began and the one and only The Evil Dead.  It really couldn't be easier to book all you have to do is click [here] and enjoy the last remaining Grindhouse experience there is in Belfast.


James Gracey said...

'The cinematic swansong of the movie bar'??? Say it isn't so?! I've been along to a couple of these - the John Waters double bill a personal fave. Was looking forward to the giallo double bill too; alas, I think it was cancelled. :(

John Baxter said...

Looks like it am afraid. We can't be guaranteed we won't be yanked at the last minute for something else that wants to use the space. The Giallo and Filipino nights were going to be awesome but we couldn't get the reassurances on the space. The John Waters night was my absolute favourite, worth all the unpaid late nights for Divine and Crackers

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