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The Beat Hotel is a Class 13 hotel, meaning bottom of the barrel, a place that is required by law to meet only minimum health and safety standards. It’s run by Sherri Martini, a hippy who believes in free love and payment in trade rather than money, with a penchant for young Jim Morrison look-a-likes.

From Rusty Lane, the 101 year old burlesque dancer, through to Jim Fawndah, the resident gym instructor, from Beau Bronson, the slightly psychotic hotel janitor, to Klaus the taxidermist, there is a general air of madness and never a dull moment.
The characters, show and ethos are inspired by the original Beat Hotel in 1950s Paris, which was the infamous den of iniquity and creative haven for the likes of Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs.
The show follows the madness of the Beat Hotel characters as they stumble through their world, rounded off each week with a special guest performance in the Beat Hotel Ballroom by non-humans from around the world. Watch the pilot episode here.

The show needs your help and is available to be audience funded through the fantastic website Kickstarter.  You can (and should) make your donations here...

The Beat Hotel is made by Belfast based Filmtrip so if you're local you probably know the good folk involved so why not give generously.


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