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Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth's face is probably one of the most recognisable asian faces in western cinema and rightfully so as he career began in 1955 and is just as constant as it has ever been.  Though now he is limited to playing men of a certain age in less than terrific films there was a time with Mr. Tsang's workload was one of the most exciting in cinema.  Here's his five 5 star films.

1. Village on Fire
The story is one of the martial arts/western genre.  A lone hero stands against a gang terrorising a small village.  Kenneth appears in a supporting role, the dubbed edition contains soundtracks lifted straight from some of the best works of Ennio Morricone.

2. Fung gip
It's a real work of interesting art when a "murder mystery" to told from some many perspectives that there's little division between truth, opinion and memory.  A degree of suspense is added to it when you realise that the film is based on a real case in Hong Kong in 1970.

3. A Better Tomorrow
Classic story of two brothers on opposite ends of the law and the struggle to find a middle ground where they can exist together.  Starring alongside Chow Yun Fat in this early John Woo title, Kenneth is excellent.

4. Peking Opera Blues
Kenneth as a Chinese General in the early twentieth century that tells the tale of the underground efforts to establish a Democratic Republic.

5. Once a Thief
It's another outing in support of Chow Yun Fat under the direction of John Woo in this crime comedy about three thieves as they ply their trade across Europe.

These are but a few, sadly, a lot of Kenneth's early work is extremely difficult to obtain and that which is available has image quality concerns.  If any luck these five might suffice.

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