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Marlene Clark

If Pam Grier is the Queen of Blaxploitation then Marlene Clark is surely second to the throne and although she hasn't experienced the same career resurgence of Grier the world of DVDs has given Marlene the chance to offer up many many stories from the golden age of exploitation cinema.  An excellent article  is available here.  Here's Marlene's five 5 star films.

1. Night of the Cobra Woman
Marlene is the leader of a Filipino cult who, after Joy Bang's boyfriends pet accidentally kills a sacred snakes, turns more than a little scaly to extract revenge.

2. Ganja & Hess
Starring alongside Duane Jones the two play the title couple.  Jones (Dr. Hess) has an accidental encounter with a knife carrying ancient germs than transform him into a vampire.  Initially Ganja (Marlene) falls for her ex husband but soon discovers his secret.

3. Black Mamba
Another great Filipino offering and another starring role as Marlene plays "The Witch" who's targeting the widow of the man she has stolen a precious ring from.

4. Son of Blob
There's no shame in the supporting role, especially in a film that also features Larry Hagman as a hobo.  This sequel has a technicians wife accidentally defrosts a sample of the original blob...oops.

5. The Baron
The most interesting Blaxploitation idea ever.  A black actor wants to make an all black film but to do so he has to borrow money from the mob.  With the most successful Blaxploitation films heavily involving white cast, crew or money it's a film that leaves you with a lot to think about.

This was probably the most difficult 5x5 to narrow down as Marlene's body of work is so rich and wonderful that you could pick so many combinations of so many titles.  Hopefully these five represent the best of the best for Marlene and the introduction of her work to fans of the genre.

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