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Ideally X would be for Roger Corman's The Man with the X-Ray Eyes but those who've graduated from Sesame Street know why it can't be.  Instead X is for the Robert Greenwald mash-up of 50's and 80's that's even more ridiculous than the prospect of a Greek Muse inspiring anyone to build a roller rink.  Trailer below.

Most certainly the most fantastical film Gene Kelly's ever made.  If you give it the time of day you might just enjoy it.


Bonjour Tristesse said...

I've always liked the title song by ELO, the movie though is only good for a laugh at how terrible it is.

John Baxter said...

Oh absolutely, it's dog shit terrible but I couldn't think of anything with an X that I liked so I figured something that was very different to the rest of it.

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