Does Anyone Want To Join A Film Newsletter?

I’m going to be publishing a newsletter shortly and rather than it simply be an extension of what already exists on Blogger I’d like to make it something that would allow those involved in the film blogs on Blogger to communicate not just with one another but with the wider film readership existing out there.  I’d like to get as many people interested and contributing to the newsletter as possible in order to create a way for everyone involved to share reviews, articles, ideas, screening information and giveaways.  Having programmed film events in Belfast I have a contact list of 1100 email addresses so if you’d like to become attached to the contribution list send me an email and please feel free to add yourself to the subscription list as the most of us involved and the more feedback there is the better it will become.

There’s so many wonderful film blogs here and it would be nice to be able to pull ideas and resources that would allow us to create a community forum.

Hope to get you involved.


John Baxter


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