The A to Z of Exploitation Cinema

Y is for...
Young People Fucking

It's Larry Clark without the Larry Clark in this 2007 Canadian drama in a tale of five couples and their fun filled and charged Tuesday nights.  It's the kind of movie a modern day Christina Lindberg or Marilyn Chambers would pop up in.

Interested?  Then consider the below.


Chip Lary said...

This was the only one of your A-Z exploitation films that I saw. I'm not that much into gore, but a bunch of naked women is sometimes reason enough to try a movie if I've got nothing better to watch.

The movie surprised me because I actually cared about some of the characters, especially the two friends who are just seeing what it would be like to have sex with each other.

The movie was marketed as "YPF" in the U.S. since the word "fucking" on a movie poster would not go over very with a lot of parents.

John Baxter said...

No, heaven forbid the F bomb gets dropped. We don't mind decapitation and torture as long as nobody curses while doing it.

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