Movie Bar - On Demand

It's December 1st and the new Movie Bar On Demand listings are now available to stream to your Television, Computer or Smart Phone.  For the next three weeks we will be celebrating women... superwomen... superwomen with very unique talents.

First up is the Tevos and Ormond directed "mad scientist" and giant spiders flick Mesa of Lost Women and if that's not enough there's also The Wasp Woman directed by the always entertaining Roger Corman and starring Susan Cabot.

These films will be available to stream for free from right now until December 21st.  Hope you enjoy the celebration of the ladies.


James Gracey said...

It has been a while since I watched either of these gems! Might pop one of them on this evening. Love that promo shot for Mesa.

John Baxter said...

I know right? It's an amazing shot. I made a docking station that streams to our TV so I'll probably be joining in this evening.

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