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Sid Haig

Tall and beardy Sid Haig has been around and around the block for many years and everytime he's handed someone their teeth.  He has one of the most distinctive screen presences in cinematic history.  Here is Sid's five 5 star films.

1. The Big Bird Cage
Haig co-stars alongside the always excellent Pam Grier as Django, a lazy revolutionary who is going to overturn a dictatorship by breaking into a prison and releasing the female inmates to 'man' his revolution.

2. Wonder Women
Sid appears as supporting cast alongside Nancy Kwan who commands an all female sexy army.  Ross Hagen also stars.

3. Foxy Brown
It's Haig and Grier again for the win as Foxy takes a job as a prostitute in an attend to uncover who killed her boyfriend.  Surely Sid can't be on the receiving end of the Grier wrath again?

4. The Big Doll House
Yup Haig and Grier again, only this time they are accompanied by the amazing Judy Brown as female prisoners in the Philippines rise up against the evil prison wardens who are torturing them for their own gratification.

5. The Aftermath
Early 80's Sci-Fi can be more addictive than crack, when two astronauts return to Earth they are amazed to discover the world they once knew has been destroyed by nuclear conflict.

Haig's following is only on the rise with the release of Creatures this year (same can't be said for the rest of the cast/film), let alone his cameo appearance in Jackie Brown and House of 1000 Corpses.  Fans of the man will appreciate the vast amount of work he has had over some five decades in cinema and, more often than not, in the supporting role or getting shot by Pam Grier.

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