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Sometimes Science Fiction just needs technology to catch up with it's concept in order to become Science Fact...other times it's nothing more than a trip into the occasionally odd mind of a writer.  The latest Movie Bar offering belongs to the latter as we see SCIENCE! clash with nature and offer up two films that will leave you reaching for your better half to make sure she is still human.

Invasion of the Bee Girls
This straight up Exploitation see external forces impacting upon planet Earth as it cosmically transforms the women of the planet into killer Queen Bees.  Starring the wonderful Anitra Ford (The Big Bird Cage).

and if that's not enough to bug you out look no further!

Horrors of Spider Island
Survivors of a plane crash discover themselves stranded on a desert island that's covered in spiders but before you star looking for Polar Bears or Ant and Dec they might want to make sure you avoid getting bit as the bite will turn them into spiders.  An excellent offering from Yugoslavia.

SCIENCE! is available until February 1st so feel free to carve out 4 hours for an amazing double bill that'll take more than a can of bug spray to make go away.

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Horror Fan said...

John, I love your eye for the obscure and unseen.

John Baxter said...

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

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