Review of the Year : Zero Tolerance

The review of the year continues with an offering from Ty over at Comeuppance Reviews who have the most comprehensive and fantastic reviews of the cinematic realm of the Action movie including some bona fide gems from the PM Entertainment Group.  The best film for Ty, watched in 2011, comes from 1994 and the director of L.A Crackdown.  Take some time to drop by Comeuppance and unearth the perfect filmic pearl for that DVD night.

Certificate: 18
Running time: 88 mins
Director: Joseph Merhi
Starring:  Robert Patrick, Titus Welliver, Mick Fleetwood
Genre: Action/Thriller
Format: DVD
Country: United States

In our daily lives we don't get experience a lot of action. We mainly go to work, come back home, and do other mundane activities. Thanks to the magic of Action cinema, we get to vicariously live in a world of guns, knives, fists, and explosions where disputes are settled not with courts, but with rocket launchers. 

The concept of revenge has been with mankind for thousands of years, through action movies we can experience the satisfaction of seeing bad guys be vanquished by a tough hero that shoots first and asks questions later! As far as martial arts it is impressive to watch the artistry and choreography of these highly trained fighters, lord knows we can't do what they can do and it is a joy to watch. 

Zero Tolerance is a great example of a tough no-nonsense revenge movie from the golden age of PM and the late 80s\early 90s. It is time when video stores and action movies flourished and that's what Comeuppance Reviews lives to tell people about. Thanks to your support and everyone's support and here's to a great year of action! 

PM knows action, and by this point in their history they had refined their craft to such a point that they  turned it into an art. Case in point: Zero Tolerance. This movie is awesome. It delivers the goods in every possible way. 

Jeff Douglas (Patrick) is a by-the-book FBI agent and family man. On what he thinks will be just a routine assignment, he must go down to Mexico and pick up Manta (Welliver), an evil, but charismatic killer and drug dealer. He is a member of the White Hand, a sinister underworld organization intent on putting a new form of liquid heroin on the streets. Things don’t go exactly as planned, and Manta escapes. Now back with his criminal associates Vitch (Fleetwood), Kowalski (O’Keeffe), LaFleur (Anderson-Gunter), and others, he commits an act that is so horrendous against Jeff Douglas, Jeff must go rogue and systematically kill all the baddies. His FBI counterparts don’t approve of his reckless ways, but Jeff doesn’t care. He’s traveling around the country on a no-holds-barred revenge mission, and for the people that wronged him, he has ZERO TOLERANCE.

Robert Patrick as the hero, Jeff Douglas, was an excellent choice. Zero Tolerance has way more emotion than a normal film of this type, and Patrick is just the man to carry it off. That’s something that makes this movie special. You can see Douglas slowly losing patience with life, and being stripped of everything he has. With his emotions flooding, we see he has nothing left to lose, and he takes out his grief and pain, as well as anger, on his aggressors. Another interesting casting choice was Mick Fleetwood as one of the top bad guys. It seems the filmmakers wanted to go with Donald Pleasance, but seeing as how the drummer for Fleetwood Mac is evil in real life, the casting decision was a no-brainer. O’Keeffe puts in one of his best roles also, as the conflicted baddie with the Matt Hannon-like hair.

Titus Welliver is also noteworthy as the sinister, purple suited Manta. He’s actually not the only one in the movie that wears a purple suit. He even has a multi-screen video conferencing system with his fellow evildoers which can only be described as Go To Drug Deal (patent pending). This was way before Skype and a lot of other technology. As we discussed in the Bloodmoon (1997) review, direct to video action movies oftentimes are ahead of the curve technology-wise, but no one gives them credit because no one ever talks about them.

But the bottom line is, this is a mega-entertaining, fast-paced gem that delivers the goods times ten. It’s the best kind of revenge movie. It has a well-written plot, a likable hero, a hate-able villain, and action and stunts galore, but it actually has underpinnings of emotion and depth. What more could you want? 

Zero Tolerance gets our most enthusiastic recommendation. See it today!


Ty said...

Thanks for inviting us to do this! We really appreciate it.

John Baxter said...

No no, thank you man. Definitely not enough Titus films on my blog.

Dr. Theda said...

Hello And Welcome to the Crypt Mr. Baxter....
....The Doctor

Ricky said...

Great review of a cool film.

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