Star Wars Charity Screening in Belfast

By now the news of George Lucas' impending retirement has caused thousands of £'s / $'s worth of damage to toy lightsabre's and has shook parental basements/bachelor pads to their foundations. 

To celebrate or commiserate the news here's a chance to make a difference if you're in the Belfast area.  Natalie Creighton is organising a screening of Star Wars - Episode 1 The Phantom Menace at the fantastic Strand Cinema on the Belmont Road in East Belfast and not just for any ol' reason.  Natalie is in the middle of her fundraising campaign for her trek to Peru in support of Oxfam. In a world where we could all do a little bit more  Natalie is not only showcasing the Neeson/MacGregor odd couple in space extravaganza but has also arranged themed drinks for all attending beforehand.

Sunday 12th February 2012 from 7:15PM

Tickets can be bought by clicking [here] if you have general questions you can do it [here].


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