Catch Yellow Fever! A DVD Giveaway

George Clarke is the Belfast based film maker who has shown that it's entirely possible to not only make your film but to get it out there.  George is the writer, director, actor and the founder of Yellow Fever Productions,  Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival and the Yellow Fever distribution label that's released not just his films but films from like minded film makers from across the world.

In the summer of 2011 the London riots devastated Yellow Fever Productions as their warehouse was destroyed in a fire.  Undeterred George and co have pushed on and are in the midst of financing their fifth project Splash Area.  

A night filled with fancy dress costumes, candy, screams and blood.
And then there’s the ‘trick-or-treaters’…
With five killer clowns on the loose in the leafy suburbs of East Belfast, a trio of friends step up to take revenge for the killings of their neighbours and friend in a David and Goliath style battle of wits, shits, guts and giggles.
After following the lunatic comedy killers back to an old hospital, Mike, Alex and Tony are guided by curiosity to find out more. Once inside, they realise their decision was wrong and try to escape while trying to survive.
Messy, funny, sick and gore filled, Splash Area is every clown haters worst nightmare…

Splash Area's finance campaign is on Indiegogo and can be supported by clicking [here].  To celebrate the project going back into production, as it was put on hold on in favour of The Knackery, we have a massive giveaway courtesy of George Clarke.


Battle of the Bone
When two opposing sides face-off in one of Belfast's worst ever riots, fate casts a nasty spell as an army of drug-crazed zombies descend on the capital forcing the enemies to join as one, and stop this new threat from taking over the city! Caught in the middle, are three friends trying to escape to the East, only to find themselves surrounded by bigoted thugs, burning bridges and high testosterone!

The Knackery
Set in the very near future, The Knackery is the latest hard hitting feature film from Belfast's leading independent production house, Yellow Fever Productions (makers of the award winning Battle Of The Bone). All is not as it seems on the country's most watched family game-show... Reality television has taken things to the extreme and given the public, The Knackery, a show where six contestants fight for the grand prize of 'one million pounds'. To liven things up, the producers of the show release a horde of genetically modified zombies which puts a little bit more pressure on the fighters, in this Big Brother style beat-em-up.

A taut reinvention of vampire lore in modern day North America, where construction workers uncover an old stone cross and what appears to be a wooden stake. They remove the stake from the ground, allowing Laura (Caitlin McIntosh), a slumbering vampire, to revive and rise from the earth. Beaten and weak, Laura is unable to speak, remember who she is, or even the fact that she is a vampire!

Experiment 7
Dr. Felix Copper is a doctor of Biological Sciences and is on a quest to find a solution to purifying radiation from water in the year 2022, ten years after the fall of humankind. He has to travel to the far outreaches of every city known, trying to make his way to the coveted underground lab, if the Mutants don't get him first.

and if that's not enough we'll even throw in a copy of the hugely entertaining Boredom for all the comic fans out there!

Here's the T&C's for the competition:

The competition will run from February 1st 2012 to midnight on February 15th 2012.  To enter the giveaway you must follow the blog and then leave a comment, the comment will count for one entry.  There is no maximum amount of comments you can leave, so go nuts!  

Don't forget to leave an email address so you can claim your spoils should you win. Competition winner will be picked at random using


Maynard Morrissey said...

DVD giveaways ftw!! :-)

ro dlp said...

Cool giveaway! Hope to win!

D G Burton said...

Ooh, enter me please!

alexandrea said...

Hey, I follow you with Bloglovin (how embarrassing is that to say!)

Thank you for the giveaway, some great (or terrible/great) movies there!

gibbylet21 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Brian said...

I'd love to win.

brimicbed at hotmail dot com

Shawn said...

I follow you via email.

Great Giveaway!


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