Live-In Fear - Casting Announcement II!

Brandon Scullion’s so-cool-it’s-frozen horror feature Live-In Fear announces the casting of one of its pivotal supporting roles!!

Myles Cranford, who has known since he was seven years old that he wanted to be an actor but who has only recently devoted himself full time to his craft, has been cast as Ferry, the axe and shotgun-wielding recluse with a bloody past.

Over the last few years, Cranford has become a familiar face to those immersed in the cult-movie world due mostly to his appearances in epic adventure/adventure-horror productions like Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Titanic II and Mega Piranha. Cranford also has his share of television credits, which include guest stars on series like Law & Order: LA and Awake. Cranford is, furthermore, a past-master of the delicate art of short film acting – just like short stories are more difficult to craft than novels, so short films can be more of a challenge to craft then features – and his credits in the horror short genre alone include Pearblossom and Demon’s Dilemma.

It was, in fact, on set for the short thriller-cum-horror Sin by Silence – based on the true tale of the murder of Kitty Genovese – that Cranford met Maria Olsen, who is now co-producer of Scullion’s Live-In Fear. Olsen, who is best known for her role as Mrs Dodds/Alecto the Fury in Fox’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and for her bewitching cameo in Paranormal Activity 3, is looking forward to working once again with Cranford, who describes his epic journey to Hollywood in the following terms:

“Myles Cranford, actor and voiceover artist, was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, and currently resides in the Arts District.  He has been homeless, but never without a home, lonely, but never alone, a survivor, but never a victim.  Acting is his passion, and his career.  Acting is not his dream, it is his reality.  He can be best described as tremendously talented, extremely skilled, impeccably professional, and very easy to work with.  He is single, and enjoys filmmaking, music, and meaningful communication with all things living--first people, then animals, and plant life.”

Those wanting to learn more about Scullion’s Lovecraftian horror Live-In Fear can read more about the project, watch the trailer and even become a part of this ambitious feature film here:

If you have missed the previous casting announcement from Monsterworks66 it's accessible [here].


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