Live-In Fear - Casting Announcement!

Brandon Scullion’s so-cool-it’s-frozen horror feature Live-In Fear announces the casting of one of its four leading roles!!

David Lautman, who is equally at home on stage and screen in Los Angeles, has booked the coveted role of Seth in  Live-In Fear.  Seth is an intense and disturbed young man who is party to an extremely suspect relationship with his mother, Sue, played by the film’s co-producer Maria Olsen.  Olsen is most well known for her roles in Chris Columbus’ epic YA fantasy Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity 3 and has also turned up in the top 25 of an IMDB list of the most prolific USA horror actresses/scream queens.

This isn’t Lautman’s first time working with either Olsen or Scullion, and the three also teamed up at the start of 2011 to shoot Scullion’s short horror, The Black Guitar. Lautman is also no stranger to television and has worked on such popular shows as 90210 and CSI: Crime Scene Investigaton, and he has this to say about his adventures in Hollywoodland:
Lautman’s most recent credits include: Gideon in “Chaya’s Violin”, Marlon Brando’s Waiter in “Brando Unauthorized” and Franklin in Brandon Scullion’s “The Black Guitar”. He can also be seen in some commercial spots for: Samsung, WebiTap, Brami’s Pizza, Paraiso Kebab and others. He has also been involved in Theatre and is presently reprising his role in the 3rd run of "Pulp Shakespeare" - directed by Jordan Monsell - at Theatre Asylum (Hollywood). If you’re in Los Angeles, why not catch a performance before the production moves out of town!

Those interested in finding out more about  Live-In Fear can both watch the trailer and find out how they can become involved in the project here:

Live-In Fear is being co-produced by Scullion’s company, Iodine Sky Productions, and Olsen’s production liaison company, MOnsterworks66, and should premiere in late 2012 or early 2013.


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