The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence] - Casting Announcement!

Six Entertainment has just announced the lead castings for Tom Six's final chapter in the Centipede trilogy, The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence].  Sister and Producer Ilona Six issued a release stating that Centipede alumni Dieter Laser (First Sequence) and Laurence R. Harvey (Full Sequence) will both return for the third film and that director Tom Six will perform in a supporting role.

At present it's still unclear as to what roles all three men will play however with [Full Sequence] acknowledging the artifice of the first instalment as a film and the inspiration for Martin's actions it's not inconceivable that Laser and Harvey could play either versions of themselves, again actually the previous films as fiction in which cast Six could play himself.  Other theories include Laser playing an actor cast to portray Harvey in the film based on his actions in the second film which were inspired by the first film...still following?  No me neither.  

Either way the final instalment promises to play heavily on the artificiality of cinema and the stomachs of the audience as Six promises the final sequence to be "100% politically incorrect".

Principal photography will take place in several Southern States in the U.S during May and June with a release slated for 2013.


Aaron said...

I'm a huge HUMAN CENTIPEDE fan, so I'm very excited about this news. Curious to see what Tom Six has up his sleeves for the third and final installment. There are a few possibilities swirling around in my head, but only time will tell; they're usually pretty secretive about these films during production. One of the actresses from the first, Ashley C. Williams, said months ago on her Facebook page that she would also be in the third movie, but it was a premature announcement on her part, so who knows.

Pete said...

Intriguing! Still haven't seen HC2 but hope they do continue this artificiality thing because it sounded pretty clever and amusing in the second! And two great monsters together at last! It could be like Freddy Vs Jason!

John Baxter said...

That's cool about Ashley. I didn't know that, don't do Facebook. Was lucky enough to interview Six just before First Sequence came out, really nice guy.

John Baxter said...

Freddy vs Jason mixed with Extreme Makeover. I liked the acknowledgment of the artifice of film it gave the film a subtext that was a lot more interesting than a straight up sequel. Looking forward to seeing what he does with, would like a greater level of attention to the script.

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