Beware of the Twisted Danger

As a fan of all things Exploitation, interesting, different and down right difficult to find I stumbled upon Twisted Anger with a level of excitement unmatched in adulthood.  After a quick browse of the large and varied catalogue I ordered a copy of the Filipino Batman and Robin DVD for $7.95...that was in February.  Three weeks later and still no caped crusading action from Manila and I contacted the site, two weeks after that a response and then nothing since asking for either a new disc (as I'm assuming mine was lost) or the money refunded.  

You will be tempted as there's a lot of excellent films listed on this site but don't bother, it's a waste of time and energy.  The site states it's run "by a fan for the fans" but if that was true I'd have some Tony Y Reyes antics to enjoy.


Tallesen said...

Right. The guy who runs that site is pathetic. No response and I never received any DVD. Think twice before using that site and only use Paypal!

John Baxter said...

I just got an email from the new management of the site. Apparently since taking over in October they've encountered a lot of the management's non-receiving issues. The new runner seems like a really decent person, she's getting me my discs and has offered anyone using KNIFEDINVENICE as a discount code 15% OFF purchases.

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