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Boldly going places, the Movie Bar On Demand presents a double bill of Exploitation exploration that's satisfy even the most hardened Trekkie.

First up is Irving Pichel's 1950 classic that not only foresaw the modern day Commercial travel but also attempted to portray space travel in a semi realistic way...

Destination Moon

A businessman arranges a trip to the Moon before those darn commies get there first.  Having established a base on man's first step into the Galaxy the astronauts realise they might not be able to make it home.


They Came From Beyond Space

Freddie Francis' adaptation of Joseph Millard's horror in which Astronomers investigate a meteorite shower over England only for them to become possessed by something not of this world.  Starring a young Michael Gough.

Whether you are a Space Cowboy or a Gangster of Love you'll be over the moon for this double bill of zero gravity (see what we did there?!).  To watch both films, completely free with no strings attached simply click [here] and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for best presentational results.


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