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Movie Bar O.D goes all wiki-wiki-wah-wah West with a Wild West double header of two fast drawing, bar brawling, hooker lovin' heroes.  Topping the bill is Lee Van Cleef in the revenge shooter Death Rides a Horse...

Death Rides a Horse
(1967) Dir. Giulio Petroni
As a small child Bill (John Phillip Law) witnesses his family killed by a gang of outlaws.  Fifteen years later and all grown up he sets his sights on revenge and his cross-hairs on those who have robbed him of his parents.

The second film in the deadly double stars James Caan and is none other than...

Gone with the West
(1975) Dir. Bernard Girard
Caan stars as Jud McGraw as he goes toe to toe with Aldo Ray's menacing Mimmo, co-starring Sammy Davis Jr and Stefanie Powers.

To take advantage of this back to back demonstrate of true grit click [here] at any point during the month of May and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page but the best presentational results.


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