The Testament of Judith Barton

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller Vertigo saw Scottie Ferguson overcome conspiracy and personal demons in order to get to the truth of a shocking mystery…but what if he got it wrong.  If the work of Hitchcock teaches us anything it’s that the camera always lies and people are fallible.  We intrinsically trust a films protagonist as we see the world and understand the story through their eyes but what if the eyes of James Stewart (Scottie) are only telling us half the story?  It is after all entirely possible; Roger Cornhill’s tale in North By Northwest is testament to how so many can get it so wrong.

This is the idea behind a new novel called The Testament of Judith Barton, named after one of the characters portrayed by Kim Novak in Hitchcock’s suspenseful story by the Bay.  As a lifelong fan of the work of Alfred Hitchcock I can not begin to explain the excitement in which I approached the opportunity to revisit one of his masterful tales with a fresh perspective.

Authors Wendy Powers and Robin McLeod take us to the heart of one of the most influential cinematic tales told by Hollywood.  Weaving it’s way through the narrative of Vertigo Powers and McLeod shine a light on a perceptual angle that the world has failed to see in over 50 years of looking.  They culpt a masterful tale that is both contradictory and complimentary to the source.  The fact of the matter is the Vertigo is Judy Barton's story and she's finally given the chance to tell her tale and it's been well worth the wait.

Hitchcockians must read this, the rest of the world are invited to discover an instant classic.  Click [here] to buy the book from Smash Words or alternatively check out the Amazon link below.

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