Alyas Batman en Robin

Certificate: Unrated
Running time: 103 mins
Director: Tony Y. Reyes
Starring: Joey de Leon, Rene Requiestas, Keempee de Leon, Almira Muhlach
Genre: Comic book, Action, Comedy
Country: Philippines

Alyas Batman en Robin is the fan made Filipino Caped Crusader Comedy featuring the Dark Knight and his alter ego Kuya…wait what?  Not Bruce you say!  If that’s not enough of a shock consider the fact the Boy Wonder is known as Kevin and prepare to have your mind blown by this all singing all dancing tip of the hat to the Dynamic Duo.

There was due to be a review somewhere roundabout [here] having purchased the DVD in February from Twisted Anger.  Unfortunately there has been no DVD in five months, no refund and no communication from the websites owner.  Don’t buy from these charlatans, save you money or simply through it out the window or purchase some of the excellent buy stuff from Amazon below.  It’s a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing Rene Requiestas as the Filipino Joker.  Guess I’ll have to make due with this…


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