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William Wayne and Ana Maria Manso,the 3C Media Film Festival awarding winning duo behind Reed, have broken ground on pre-production of the hotly anticipatedhard-boiled neo noir Lost Angelas.  Like John Dahl before them the writing/directing team, including screenwriter Jen Zias, have set out to bring the classically chiaroscuro litworld of heavy cast shadows, cross & double cross and the femme fatale tothe Sunshine State and in doing so cast a spotlight on the underbelly of theCity of Angels.

Lost Angelas is the story of a young screenwriter and his starletgirlfriend’s descent into the realm of narcotics, subterranean cinema andpersons of ill repute as they attempt to unravel the mystery of “What exactlyhappened to Angie Malone?” – a legendary actress who inexplicably vanished somethree decades ago.  Cast in the shoes oflegendary Gumshoes of years gone by ala Sam Spade is David Proval who takes upthe role of hard-boiled, world weary investigator Vincent Rose.  David has starred alongside screenheavyweights such as Robert DeNiro & Harvey Keitel in Martin Scorsese’smasterful classic Mean Streets, DenzelWashington & Annette Bening in The Siege and in Frank Darabont’s universally applauded adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption though fans of the smaller screen and HBOwill remember him as New Jersey’stop ball breaker and proud owner of the scariest “Manson lamps” Richie Aprille(The Sopranos).

Joining David on screen is John Capodice (Speed, Q&A), Jennifer Field (Alicein Murderland), Connor Dylan Wryn (Constantine)and Jane Crawley (City of Industry)in what promises to be an atmospheric and dark look at the side of Cinemas Greatest Citythat E! don’t want you to see.

For further information on Lost Angelas check out the films Facebook page by clicking [here] or by checking out the films website [here].


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