Movie Bar - On Demand

This month offers up a double bill that all generations of the family can watch together.  No need to worry about coughing over swear words, red faces during sex scenes or trying to distract Grandma as people are stitched together.  This is the Movie Bar Matinee and it's awesome!

Rushing out of the blocks as though there's a point to prove and into the waiting arms of Lynn Bari, star of Shock and Sun Valley Serenade is...

The Amazing Mr. X
(1948) Dir. Bernard Vorhaus
Christine Faber (Bari) has been a widow for two years when she begins to her the voice of her husband calling to her from under the water at her ocean front property.  Can a mysterious spiritualist explain this haunting mystery or is there more going on below the surface?

Had enough of mysteries?  No?!  Well good because there's another on offer though it still won't explain who let the dogs out...

The Kennel Murder Case
(1933) Dir. Michael Curtiz
The director of Casablanca demonstrates that there's more to him than Sam's Place in this one man and his pooch who dunnit as William Powell stars alongside a competition losing Scottish terrier as they set about solving the mystery of the murder behind the locked door.

You can watch both movies for free all month by clicking [here] and for the bestest of best results follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.


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